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Jr. Dragster

The bimonthly digital magazine for members of the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League and their affluent parents offers you another highly targeted market in NHRA's membership. Almost every Jr. member, from age 8 to 17, is an active racing participant or is planning to become one.

Brand loyalty begins early, and Jr. Dragster is the most valued source of news and advertising about the parts and services Jr. drivers need to make their racing dreams come true.

Jr. Dragster is available exclusively online to all visitors of jrdragster.nhra.com.


Display Rates

Facing Pages $995

Full Page $550

Jr. Page $375

1/2-page $340

1/3-page $230

1/4-page $180

Jr. Race Shop $115

Race Place $25

Cover Rate

Cover 2,3,4 $650

Jr. Race Shop: Must be purchased in groups of 3.

Mechanical Requirements




1 Column 1.875 11p3

2 Column 3.917 23p6

3 Column 5.958 35p9

4 Column 8 48p


Issue Date

Material Dealine

March/April 2/13/14

May/June 4/10/14

July/August 6/12/14

September/October 8/14/14

November/December 10/16/14

January/February 2014 11/26/14

NHRA.com: Advertisers may list company information in Jr. Performance Directory on jrdragster.nhra.com; annual cost $200. Contact your ad sales representative.